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Jan Berry, 1978

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This is the official Web site for Jan Berry.

The information herein provides an overview of Jan's career as writer, arranger, and producer for the legendary Jan & Dean -- with a primary focus on Jan's studio prowess during the peak years between 1963 and 1966.

The site features exclusive first-hand information and commentary from Jan Berry and a number of his creative associates and friends, including . . . Brian Wilson, Lou Adler, Artie Kornfeld, Phil Sloan, Steve Barri, Don Altfeld, Jill Gibson, Bones Howe, Lanky Linstrot, George Tipton, Carol Kaye, Hal Blaine, Billy Strange, Don Peake, and others.

The site also briefly summarizes Jan's solo musical endeavors, his continued relationship with Dean Torrence, and his everyday struggle to overcome the effects of traumatic brain injury.

Jan Berry The site's historical content will remain in summary format, as we're saving the real meat for the book project -- a comprehensive biographical treatment now under development by writer and historian Mark A. Moore.

We will post news and other interesting things from time to time.

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