Jan & Dean - Carnival of Sound

Warner Bros. Records

Jan Berry, for Warner Bros. Records, 1966-1968

Jan Berry, Bill Stafford, and George Tipton

Recorded at
Columbia Square, Wally Heider, United Recording, Western Recorders, and Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, California

Compilation Producer
Andrew Sandoval, for Rhino Entertainment

Dan Hersch and Andrew Sandoval at DigiPrep

Liner Notes
Mark A. Moore, Domenic Priore, and Andrew Sandoval

Track Annotations
Andrew Sandoval and Mark A. Moore

Album Cover Design — (front and back)
Dean O. Torrence — Kittyhawk Graphics

Art Direction and Interior Design
Steve Stanley

Art Supervision
Amanda J. Smith

Sheryl Farber and Eileen Lucero


RHM1 521997 — "Tijuana" Courtesy of Capitol Records, LLC under license from EMI Music Marketing. All other selections courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc. This Compilation (P) & © 2010 Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.

Jan 'n Dean


Jan Berry

Dean Torrence