Anaheim, Azusa - Original Vocal Chart, 1964

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The Inner World of Jan Berry -- A Review of Carnival of Sound (1968) -- By Jeff Mason, 2007

Carnival of Sound and Other Musings -- An Interview with Mark Moore, featuring Jan & Dean history and the forthcoming album project honoring Jan Berry as a writer, arranger, and producer -- KBIG Radio, Dallas, TX. January 21, 2007.

Pop Symphony No. 1 -- Jan Berry's personal liner notes describing this Berry-Tipton symphonic masterpiece from 1965.

"Norwegian Wood" and "Popsicle": What Really Happened in 1966
by Mark A. Moore

Jan Berry 101: A Study in Composition
An Analytical Essay by Mark A. Moore

Worldwide Discography
Foreign releases of Jan & Dean material

Artists Who Have Covered Jan & Dean Material
From contemporary vocal and instrumental groups to modern surf combos, punk bands, and alternative musicians

Various sounds associated with Jan & Dean

Various charts and scores associated with Jan & Dean

On the Run . . .

YouTube - Jan Berry / Jan & Dean Tribute Album
Promotional Film Trailers -- The album will feature seven tracks from 1968's unreleased Carnival of Sound (Warner Bros.) Plus 14 more songs highlighting Jan Berry's diverse career as a writer, arranger, and producer.

Jan & Dean Geography
Map interface to places in Southern California associated with Jan & Dean

Roach Clips Archives
Jan & Dean images from photographer, and former Dennis Wilson and Beach Boys associate, Ed Roach

On the Road with Jan Berry and Jan & Dean, 1978
Road shots from John Grove

On the Road with Jan Berry, 1978
Road shots from Doug Mellington

Jan & Dean in Film and Television
A partial listing

Easy As 1, 2, 3 . . .

Jan Berry Portrait
Photographic prints of Jill Gibson's portrait of Jan Berry (which will appear on the cover of our Jan Berry Tribute Album) are now available.

Jan Berry & Jill Gibson
Rare images from the Private Collection of Jill Gibson . . . Available only on Jan's Website

Various documents associated with Jan & Dean

In Memoriam . . .

Jan Berry: A Life in Photos
A Gallery in Six Parts

A Celebration of Life
Memorial Celebration at the Roxy Theatre, Hollywood, California

Fred Vail Remembers
Promoter Fred Vail talks about his memories of Jan Berry, and his early days with Jan & Dean.

A Message from Jan
Jan's greeting to fans when this Website was first launched in 2002.