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This beach town has been dubbed "Surf City USA" . . . 'cause Dean Torrence lives there. It's a cool marketing gimmick, but the place (specifically) has nothing to do with Jan & Dean's #1 hit song from 1963.
The official Web site for Jan Berry's partner of more than 40 yearsDean Torrence. Don't miss the section on Kittyhawk Graphics.

Official tour dates are provided here.

Dean is currently at work on a stunning new Web site for J&D.

Surf City All-Stars Surf City All-Stars
The former Jan & Dean back-up band . . . now Dean Torrence's touring band.

Official All-Stars information and tour dates.

Jan 'n Dean Fan Site Jan & Dean Fan Site
Official fan site endorsed by Dean Torrence . . . run by Scooby and June.

Surfin' Agan Surfin' Again
The Authorized International Jan & Dean Site, run by Dani Bossard.

Papa Doo Run Run Papa Doo Run Run
In the late 1970s, Papa played five tours with Jan & Dean, and appeared in the movie Deadman's Curve. They helped J&D get back on the road, and the band is still going strong.

The Vertikals The Vertikals
Jim Armstrong and Jim Alquist. A common musical thread between Papa Doo Run Run, Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys, the Turtles, and the Surf City All-Stars.

Brian Wilson
The official Web presence for Jan's old friend and collaborator . . . The creative force behind the Beach Boys, and current solo sensation, Brian Wilson.

Al Jardine
The official site for Jan's friend, and founding member of the Beach Boys, Al Jardine. Al helped facilitate the recording of Jan's solo album, Second Wave.

Gibson Artworks Gibson Artworks
The talented Jill Gibson, Jan's long-time girlfriend and collaborator in the Sixties. This site is home for Jill's amazing artworks. Go there are buy something!

Nancy Sinatra Nancy Sinatra
The official Internet home of Jan's friend and schoolmate, Nancy Sinatra. News, information, music, tour dates, and photo galleriesyour gateway to all things "Nancy."

Davy Jones Davy Jones
The online home of Jan's friend, Davy Jones. The former Monkee was a big help to Jan during his return to the studio following the accident. Davy sang lead on a version of Jan's "Laurel & Hardy."

Glen Campbell Glen Campbell
Before he was a famous solo artist, Glen Campbell was one of the best studio guitarists in Hollywood. Glen played guitar on many of Jan's productions, both before and after the accident (and contributed vocals as well). Glen was "there" in a big way to help his old friend find his way in the studio againnot to mention all the cool parties at Jan's place on Park Lane Circle.

Hal Blaine
Official home of Jan's long-time friend and famous studio drummer, Hal Blaine. Hal, along with Earl "the Pearl" Palmer, played drums for most of Jan & Dean's recordings. Hal was in the studio with Jan after the accident, and another regular at Park Lane Circle.

Billy Strange Billy Strange
Another familiar presence on Jan's tracks in the Sixties, Billy Strange. Billy, in tandem with the late great Tommy Tedesco, was a big part of the layered guitar sounds on Jan's productions. Jan to Billy during the sessions for "Dead Man's Curve": "Uh, Billy Strange? Don't play that 'jing-ching-a-jing-ching-a-jing' thing, okay? It tends to . . . ya know . . . . Ching-Ching-Ching-Ching . . . Try and get that!"

Don Peake Don Peake
Well-known composer and old friend of Jan's, Don Peake. After touring with Ray Charles, Don was present (on guitar) for many of Jan's later studio sessions in the mid-Sixties. Don, too, was in the studio with Jan after the accident, and played a prominent role in the recording of Jan's solo disc, Second Wave, released in 1997.

Carol Kaye
Popular Internet home of famous studio bassist (and guitarist) Carol Kaye. Carol played guitar on some of Jan & Dean's biggest hit recordings. Groovy shades, Carol !

Plas Johnson Plas Johnson
The legendary Plas Johnson played saxophone on early Jan & Dean material (including "Baby Talk"), as well as Jan's 1997 solo disc, Second Wave. One of the all-time greatsespecially in the realm of jazz.

Pamela Des Barres Pamela Des Barres
The official site. After their meeting in L.A., Pamela wrote thoughtfully about Jan in her book, Rock Bottom: Dark Moments in Music Babylon (1996). Follow this link to "everything Pamela."

The Beach Boys Band The Beach Boys Band
The only Web site that pays tribute to past and present members of The Beach Boys' band. A few of these guys have played extensively with Jan & Dean, as well.

Endless Summer Quarterly Endless Summer Quarterly
The Brian Wilson / Beach Boys magazine. Tour dates, reviews, and interviews relating to Beach Boys members and associates.

Dumb Angel Magazine Dumb Angel Magazine
The proclamation of Los Angeles Modernism, the Wall of Sound, Pop Surf Culture, and the great L.A. sound designers on the 1960s. Pop with a consciousness.